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Nakota Software is a software consulting firm specializing in custom design and development. We have broad-based experience in all areas of software design, from small embedded systems to large client-server installations and web development. Our philosophy is to design software with quality as as our number one priority, and perform thorough testing to ensure reliability. We also perform re-engineering of existing applications to fix problems and expand capabilities lawn mowing service orlando.

We specialize in creating software for PC-control of specialized hardware, and other hardware-related areas such as product development, process control, data acquisition and manufacturing support. Other software designs feature well-designed graphic user interfaces, Internet connectivity, and cross-platform capabilities .

We have done work for numerous industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum distribution, electronic testing, security, and radio-frequency identification. Nakota is based in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area. Since 1993, we have been providing technical solutions for business clients throughout the United States.

As technology moves more rapidly, and the cost of hiring permanent employees increases, independent software development firms provide an important service. We invite you to avoid staffing hassles and save money by outsourcing your custom software needs with us.

"I do not fear computers.  I fear the lack of them."  - Isaac Asimov


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