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The following are examples of some of the projects we have been involved in:

Asset Management, Inventory Control, Security

Radar Security Application,  Scottsdale AZ, 2002.  Worked on long-range security system with rotating radar dish.  Wrote user interface in MFC on Windows; provided scan control and displays of potential intruders.  Wrote sockets-based code for communication between user interface PC (Windows) and data processing system  (Red Hat Linux.)

Roadside Animal Sensor, Scottsdale AZ, 2001-2002.  Developed software for  safety warning system to help prevent vehicular collisions with deer.  Wrote code to control master roadside sensor running Caldera DOS.  Also wrote user interface code for Windows PC, which communicates with sensor via cellular modem or direct serial link.

Scan control interface for digital radio-frequency ID tag scanner, Mesa, AZ 1999-2000.  Software controlled proprietary scanning hardware from a Windows GUI; converted responses into unique ID numbers, sent tag detection events across a network, and allowed real-time configuration adjustment.  Written in Visual C++ (using MFC) for Windows NT.

Scan control interface for radio-frequency ID tag scanner, Mesa, AZ 1998-1999.  Software controlled proprietary scanning hardware from a Windows graphic interface; archived records of tag detections and activated a digital camera to record possible security violations.  Written in Visual Basic and Visual C++ (using ATL) for Microsoft Windows.

Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard / General Equipment Model (SECS/GEM)

SECS Manager for CMP Machine, Chandler AZ 1995-1996.  Designed and developed SECS/GEM interface for chemical-mechanical silicon wafer polisher.  Written in Borland C++ on MSDOS using GW Associates libraries and Phar Lap extenders.  Tested software at  manufacturer's facility.

Wafer Edge Polisher SECS Manager, Chandler, AZ, 1996-1997.  Rewrote, streamlined, and enhanced code for SECS/GEM interface, which communicated with Mitsubishi PLC that controlled the machine.  Written for MSDOS in Borland C++ using Phar Lap and GW Associates libraries.  Installed and tested software at fab in Texas.

Wafer Edge Polisher SECS Manager, Chandler, AZ, 1997-1998.  Designed and developed SECS/GEM interface to communicate with Mitsubishi PLC that controlled the machine.  Installed and tested software at fab in Washington  State.  Written for Windows 95, in Visual Basic and Visual C++ using GW Associates libraries.

LCD Panel Tester SECS Control Panel, in Phoenix AZ for Ohio company, 1997-1998.  Debugged, tested, and enhanced existing code for SECS Interface for LCD panel tester.  Installed and tested at customer site in Korea.  Implemented on Solaris with GW Associates libraries.

Process Control and Test Applications
Navigation Test Application, Scottsdale AZ, 2000.  Wrote program to control three-axis pedestal with synchro feedback, in order to provide simulation for test of missile navigation system.  Written for Windows 98 using Visual C++ and MFC.

Database File Management System, Tempe, AZ, 1995.  Redesigned and extended software for proprietary database file manager and report generator for petroleum delivery system.  Written in C on Microware OS9000.

PC-based Petroleum Delivery Management System, Tempe, AZ, 1997.  Revamped and  upgraded company's product for new petroleum delivery system.  Modified database for SAP compatibility, added Internet connectivity and upgraded to new operating system version.  Written in C on Microware OS9000.

Data Security
Encryption services,  Phoenix, AZ, 1993-1994.  Created application to perform DES encryption and provide secure storage and retrieval of keys.  Written in C for  RS/6000 running AIX.  Key database implemented in Sybase SQL and Informix C-ISAM.

User login security services, Phoenix AZ, 1992-1994.  Wrote code to register and regulate logins of users to client/server network..  Written in C for RS/6000s running AIX; utilized BSD sockets library.

Encryption services,  Phoenix, AZ, 1991. Created module to do DES encryption and key storage on an SNA network front-end processor.  Written in C for Unix-like proprietary operating system.

Miscellaneous Communications
Automated login utility, Phoenix, AZ, 1992-1993.  Created application to allow automated login of users from networked X-stations to server on IBM mainframe.  Written in C for RS/6000 running AIX; utilized HLLAPI server interface library.

Network management software, Phoenix, AZ, 1991.  Software provided operating information on SNA network via an attached Windows PC.  Written in C.

Network configuration utility,  Phoenix, AZ, 1990.  Provided a script language for configuration of SNA and pre-SNA networks.  Written in C for Unix-like system.

Notes on Trademarks:

Visual Basic, Visual C++, Windows, and MSDOS are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Unified Monitoring Solution is a trademark of RF-Code, Inc. CMPV is a trademark of Speedfam/IPEC. Solaris is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. RS/6000, AIX, and HLLAPI are trademarks of IBM Corporation. OS9000 is a trademark of Microware Systems Corp.


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